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Richard Crallan

Having spent twenty years as a specialist family lawyer in England and Australia, Richard Crallan offers unrivalled experience both as a barrister and Solicitor Advocate, and provides our clients with an exceptional wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, he is able to represent you at the highest level if necessary. Whereas solicitors may only represent litigants in the Lower Courts (magistrates’ courts, family proceedings courts and county courts), as a Solicitor Advocate with the Higher Courts (All Proceedings) qualification, Richard can represent clients in the Family Division, Queens Bench Division and Chancery Divisions of the High Court of Justice; Crown Court; Court of Appeal and House of Lords.

Having graduated in Law at Liverpool University in 1989, he qualified as a barrister in 1990 as a member of the Inner Temple. He later represented one party in the longest running case heard in the Family Division of the High Court of Justice, during which approximately 250 witnesses were called to give evidence. However, since lawyers in England and Wales who are qualified as both solicitors and barristers must choose to be officially non-practising with one of their respective professional bodies, Richard has currently elected to be a non-practising barrister.

As a Solicitor Advocate in the UK, Richard has dealt with high net worth clients at the ‘magic-circle’ family law firm, Sears Tooth, in Mayfair, London, often on cases involving international property disputes and the complex interrelation of laws of more than one national jurisdiction. His Antipodean caseload – after being admitted to the Supreme Courts of New South Wales and Western Australia – also comprised divorce-related property disputes, from a case involving 50,000 head of cattle on a ranch covering the Northern Territory and Western Australia, to more modest homes in the suburbs of Sydney and Perth !

Richard is prepared to act tirelessly to get results for his clients and believes in providing forceful, practical and jargon-free advice. He shares the hope of his clients that their legal difficulties and resulting expense can be kept to a minimum.

Now settled in Bath, Richard Crallan has set up his own firm and is a member of Resolution, an umbrella organisation for solicitors involved in family law work in England and Wales that is committed to a constructive approach to divorce and separation.