Divorce by easy formula

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Gary Lineker has suggested that divorce be by formula: http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/divorce-should-be-done-by-easy-formula-says-lineker-t5tmb2rtt

For people with lots of money this would work very well because they will have more than enough to meet the needs of both spouses and their children.

For people with not enough money to meet everyone’s needs post divorce, it is much harder to divide the assets up fairly. After all, if there’s not enough money for everyone to be rehoused, you have to decide whether the children and their primary carer should be given priority or not.
In England and Wales such priority is given but that inevitably makes calculating the division complex. It also needs you will probably need a lawyer to help you as they know what factors the judge will take into account and which they will not (for example your ex partner walked out on you and the children)

The important thing is to choose a lawyer who will act for a fixed fee rather than one who will charge you by the hour. You can then decide how much help you are able to pay for.

Crallan Family and Divorce Solicitors have been offering their clients fixed fees since January 2009.


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