Sorting out finances on divorce

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An excellent guide to the law has been produced by the Family justice Council called Sorting Out Finances on Divorce.

It was produced for the benefit of the ever increasing number of litigants in person. That is people who do not have a lawyer to advise them.

Its aim is to demystify the law.

The problem with English divorce law is that there was no one place where you could find the law. It consists of (1) many statutes, most of which have been amended by later statutes and (2) thousands of separate judgments of the High Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords and the Supreme Court.

As far as the judgements (2 above) are concerned, most of them relate only to cases involving huge sums of money and are not very helpful in trying to work out how the law affects the vast majority of people who have only average levels of wealth.

Obviously, there are text books used by law students but they are not really aimed at people who are trying to get simple straightforward advice.

This new guide is the answer. It tries to put all the law on one place.


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