UK One of the Most Generous for Maintenance

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A recent review, by Penningtons Manches, of the current legislation and case law across 16 countries to provide a global comparison of the level of spousal maintenance from (1) lifelong income facilitating the lifestyle during the marriage to (2) no form of post-divorce spousal support.

The top five countries in which ex-spouses receive virtually nothing post-divorce are Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Japan and Russia. At the other end of the scale, the top five countries where ex-spouses can expect to receive maintenance are India, USA (California), Singapore, Ireland, and England and Wales. Scotland is eighth.

The courts in England and Wales have shown a change in attitude in recent years with a noticeable move in reported cases in the High Court towards an expectation that ex spouses will become self sufficient sooner post-divorce. The meal-ticket for life is becoming less popular with judges.


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