If you prefer, you have the option of paying by the hour for the work that we do.


We were the first firm of solicitors to provide fixed fees for cases concerning the financial aspects of divorce for all stages of the court process when we introduced them in January 2009.

We believe that it is important to provide pricing certainty to our clients, many of whom will be experiencing the most uncertain and worrying time of their lives whilst going through a divorce.

We also believe in being transparent about our pricing and we provide the following fixed fees (all include VAT) for Qualifying Clients.

An initial consultation – a fixed fee of £75 for the first half hour or £100 for a full hour:

To discuss any family law matter, as well as providing second opinions (if you are unsure about the advice you have received from your own solicitor). Any additional time will be charged at our hourly rates.

Written confirmation of the advice given: £50

Drafting a Divorce Petition – you have two options:

Fixed Quote One A – £300 to draft a divorce petition and (later in the process) drafting your applications for a decree nisi and decree absolute. You will also be provided with (a) a letter guiding you through the court process and (b) copies of letters you need to send to the court at various stages of the process. With this service, you remain responsible for progressing your divorce through the court process.

Fixed Quote One B – £780 to act as your solicitor in the divorce proceedings – draft a divorce petition (£1,050 if the petition is based on unreasonable behaviour). With this service, we take over the responsibility for progressing your divorce through the court process.

You will also have to pay the court fee of £550

Responding to a Petition – Fixed Quote Two – £400 to respond to a divorce petition served upon you by your spouse.

You may have to pay some of the legal costs incurred by your spouse with their solicitor – which is a matter for the court to decide and outside our control.

Voluntary Financial Disclosure – Fixed Quote Three – £3,950

We will draft your financial disclosure (called a Form E), exchange it with your spouse, advice you on the quality of disclosure provided by your spouse, draft settlement proposals and negotiate a financial settlement (assuming your spouse is willing to settle). The fixed fee is based upon the assumption you supply us with all the documents that we request from you at the time we request them.

If an agreement is not reached at the end of this process we will recommend that you attend mediation with your spouse. This is a service provided by a third party.

Drafting Consent Orders Fixed Quote 4 – £750 for a clean break with no asset sales/transfers or in all other cases £1,500.

We will draft the terms of an agreed financial settlement into a set of consent orders that comply with the format required by the court. We will also draft any supporting documents and then obtain the agreement of your spouse and/or their solicitor before lodging them at court so that they can be approved by a judge and sealed by the court.

Court Proceedings, Stage One – Fixed Quote 5 – £1,500 if we have already drafted your Form E and £4,200 in all other cases.

If we have not already drafted your Form E, we will do so. We will exchange Forms E with your spouse and then take you through your spouse’s disclosure and advice you on its quality. We will draft a questionnaire if there are issues with your spouse’s Form E. We will also draft a chronology and statement of issues and asset schedule for use at the first court hearing, the First Directions Appointment (FDA) . We will then discuss whether we need to instruct a barrister to represent you at the FDA. We may need to attend court with the barrister, depending on the circumstances of your case. If we need to attend court there will be an additional fixed fee of £1,200.00

Court Proceedings, Stage Two – Fixed Quote 6 – £4,900.00

We will draft your responses to any questionnaire raised by your spouse. We will instruct up to two single joint expert reports (often an expert surveyor to value your house and an actuary to advise on sharing out the pension assets). We will advise you on the quality of disclosure provided by your spouse and then draft settlement proposals and respond to any settlement proposals made by your spouse. If the case does not settle we will draft the documents need by the court at the Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) Hearing. We will prepare the papers for your barrister. If you seek further additional financial disclosure these will incur charges at our hourly rate. We may need to attend court with the barrister, depending on the circumstances of your case. If we need to attend court there will be an additional fixed fee of £1,200.00

Court Proceedings, Stage Three. Fixed Fees are offered at our discretion and are tailor-made for your individual circumstances.

You are a Qualifying Client if you have:

  • Total net assets of £1 million or less
  • Total net income of £100,000 pa or less
  • No assets located outside England and Wales
  • No trust funds
  • Are not the director or shareholder of more than one company.

We can provide a fixed fee service to clients who are not Qualifying Clients but the fixed fees will be tailor-made to your specific circumstances.

Disbursements – all disbursements are additional to our fixed fees listed above. Examples of disbursements are: barrister’s fees, our travel expenses to court, expert witness fees, Family Court fees, Land Registry and Companies House fees.

Children Cases – If court proceedings have already been issued, we will often agree to fixed fees for children cases as follows:

  • In detailed consultation for a fixed fee of £250 for up to one hour (any additional time at our hourly rate)
  • Drafting a Case outline for use at court £200 setting out your position, which the judge will read before your court hearing starts.
  • Attending court for a directions hearing £500 including preparation – for up to 2 hours (£800 for up to a whole day).

If you would like us to act for you in a children’s case between court hearings we will charge you at our hourly rate.