If you fall within the following description, we may act for you for a fixed fee, that is a fixed quote that cannot increase:

Neither you nor your spouse partner:

  • are the director of more than one company or a sole trader operating more than one business
  • are the beneficiary of a trust
  • have an income of more than £60,000 pa gross
  • any cases where the net assets of you and your spouse are more than £1,000,000 or
  • have property located abroad
  • Telephone us on 01225 471094 to discuss this option in more detail


In complex cases fixed fees are not workable as the amount of work involved can be highly unpredictable. We will charge for any work that you ask us to undertake on the basis of an hourly fee – please telephone to discuss.



DIY Service. If you do not want a solicitor to ‘stand in your shoes’ and act for you, we are happy to provide you with advice and assistance on demand. In other words, you may decide to seek advice only once a week, once a month or only every few months. The rest of the time you will continue to act for yourself. We can act for you in the run up to a hearing and retain a barrister to represent you in court.