Unlike the position with separating spouses, the court has no general power to redistribute the property between former partners. The court does have some power to make capital provision for a child of the relationship but this power is very limited.

For many years various governments have come under pressure to change the law to reduce the injustices that are caused by the law as it now stands. No such change has yet happened.

In order to ensure some control and a sense of security, increasingly, cohabiting couples agree upon the terms of a cohabitation agreement before or at the time they commence cohabitation.
If you have separated or thinking about separating we are happy to advise you on your entitlements for a fixed fee.

We are also happy to draft a Cohabitation Agreement for a fixed fee.

This firm ensures that each agreement is tailor-made to suit the individuals concerned and is drafted so as to maximise subsequent enforceability should things not work out.