We are happy to draft Pre-nuptial Agreements for a fixed fee.

Increasingly, couples are hesitating before entering marriage because of the enormous powers that the English and Welsh courts now have to redistribute property on divorce.

In response to recent legal developments, which have seen a greater emphasis upon equality of asset distribution following divorce, prospective spouses are looking to retain some control over the assets should things not work out.

Recent appeal decisions have made it clear that a well drafted pre-nuptial agreement will be of great importance when a court decides who should have what if a divorce occurs. There is now a presumption that pre-nuptial agreements will be upheld on divorce, save for some limited exceptions.

In order to be effective it is vital that the agreement is well drafted and complies with certain conditions.

We have the skills and experience necessary to ensure that the precise terms of the pre-nuptial agreement fulfil these conditions and are suited to the individuals concerned.