Below you’ll find testimonials from our clients. Read on or watch the videos to see what others have said.

  • Dear Richard, My warmest congratulations on the result of the case.  I am conscious that this was largely due to your brilliant command of the circumstances, particularly as they were characterised by the complexity which developed over the many, many months. Thank you also for the sterling suggestion to instruct Louise O'Neill [barrister].  I am exceedingly grateful to you both for the expertise required to pilot me through this terrible time and the care and sensitivity that accompanied your professional skills. I hope that you will let Louise know how I feel. –STEPHANIE M. CHIPPENHAM, WILTSHIRES

  • We've found the advice received from Richard was invaluable which we have used to full effect. We felt Richard had a lot of integrity and dealt with us in an open and honest manner. We would not hesitate to recommend. Well done! –LLOYD M. FISHPONDS, BRISTOL

  • I felt that Louise had everything in hand and my confidence in her continued to grow as time passed. –TERRY G. COMBE DOWN, BATH

  • ....Thank you for working so hard for me. Your professionalism, kindness and brilliance are outstanding. I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for you and I am so sorry that the stress of my predicament got the better of me on occasions. I am truly grateful that you stood by me and supported me to a satisfactory conclusion. –CAROLYN C. STOKE GIFFORD, BRISTOL

  • I am writing to say an enormous thank you to you. I simply don’t know how I could possibly have got through all this without you and I’m SO glad that I found you. I feel quite emotional writing this actually. You are dealing with cases like mine all the time so I am just one more to you, but to me it just meant everything that I could talk to you as a friend rather than an adversary, which is what happened with the other two solicitors I had. I simply could not work with them. I almost considered staying married when I failed to find someone suitable. Seriously. I did loads of research on this. There were no friendly emails with those solicitors - just huge bills. Every piece of paper 25p plus VAT, every email they deigned to look at was £35 plus VAT, however short, then another £35 to reply to it. Plus vat. I dread to think what a cup of coffee would have been. Not that I ever got one....And I’d never have dared ask them if they liked tennis. The way you work with the fixed fee made such a huge difference to how I felt- exactly how you have described it on your website. I am sure you would make far more money if you worked in the same way as most other solicitors, so I feel that your approach is very altruistic and sympathetic. Thank you Richard –JANE L. RICHMOND, LONDON

  • It now only remains for me to say thank you once again for all your invaluable advice which provided not only clarity on the legal issues but also reflected a genuine understanding of the complexities of my situation. In short, I couldn't have faced it without you. –TINA D. OLDFIELD PARK, BATH

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